Did Bed Bugs Come Home for the Holidays? Tips for Bed Bug Control in Bartlesville, OK

You took an amazing trip for the holidays. You had a great time. You and your family returned home… and the bed bugs came with you. If these critters came home with you after your holiday trip, you need effective bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK.

Fortunately, this is available through professional pest removal services. Properly trained technicians can rid your home of bed bugs and get your year off to a better start. Here’s how.


A trained technician uses proper techniques to complete a detailed inspection of your home. Despite their name, bed bugs can be found in many other places. They feed on humans, so anyplace you spend a lot of time is a prime target for bed bugs. Furniture and linens should all be inspected for bed bugs.


If the technician determines you need bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK, the next step is to remove visible bed bugs and treat all affected areas. This precision process will eliminate hidden bugs and their eggs as well. Since bed bugs can live for up to a year, this thorough process is essential to eradicate the bed bugs from your home. Without professional assistance, this is difficult to accomplish.


Of course, you don’t want a resurgence of bed bugs in the future. Your local provider of bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK can provide a guarantee as well as schedule regular service to prevent future infestations.

Additionally, when you travel, take the following steps to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you:

  • Check reviews: Before booking your stay in a hotel, check travel reviews. Look for any mention of bed bugs in guest feedback or other reviews. Avoid any hotel where they are mentioned.
  • Check the room: When you arrive at your destination, you’re probably not thinking about bed bugs. However, try to make it a habit to check the bed frame, headboard and mattress for any signs of bed bugs. Look for the bugs themselves and for little brown spots that indicate they’ve been there. This search is well worth the time and effort if it prevents a bed bug infestation that could follow you home.
  • Check your clothing: If possible, don’t store clothing in hotel dressers. Hang anything that can be hung. If you need to use drawer storage, inspect the furniture first before you unpack.
  • Check your luggage: Keep suitcases on the luggage rack rather than on the floor or bed. This offers a safer spot to avoid bed bugs. When you arrive home, if you suspect you’ve brought bed bugs with you, unpack your suitcase outside the home. Disinfect it by sealing it in a garbage bag with no-pest strips for two weeks.

Put Your Pest Problems to Bed

If you need bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK, contact the experts at Excellence Pest Control. We will complete a thorough inspection, elimination and prevention process to rid your home of these nasty invaders. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

How to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs—the words alone are enough to make us squirm! Unfortunately, the bed bug epidemic is affecting countless households every year, and these horrid little pests are tough to combat. They move quickly, breed quickly and can hide in just about any crevice in the home, including floors, ceilings, bedposts and walls.

Knowing all this, you can easily see how important it is to find a trustworthy company to provide you with bed bug control service in Bartlesville, OK. Excellence Pest Control has years of experience dealing with bed bugs, and we can help you prevent and get rid of these nasty insects. Call us to find out how we can help you with your bed bug concerns.

Here are some tips on how to prevent bed bugs from entering the home, and how to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation.

Travel cautiously

Bed bugs love to hop into any available space, so just imagine how inviting your suitcase looks! When you go away for a trip, pack a few large trash bags, and put your suitcase inside. Also, bring some plastic bags and keep your clothes in them—not in the hotel dresser! Remember to check your surroundings before unpacking or getting in bed.

Stay vigilant

Research any places you’ll be staying ahead of time, and keep an ear open in case you hear of someone’s home having an infestation. It goes without saying that you don’t want to send your kids for a playdate and pick them up with bed bugs!

It can be tempting to pick up furniture or mattresses from a curb, especially if they’re in great shape, but consider the fact that they might be on the curb for a good reason. If you bring a piece of furniture or a mattress into your home, it’s possible you’ll be inviting bed bugs in, too. Isn’t it worth a few extra bucks to purchase that chair or mattress, rather than deal with an infestation?

Perform regular home inspections

If you do have a bed bug problem, you want to make sure you catch it quickly. This is where routine inspections in your house are key. Check your mattresses and sheets; dark spots (usually rust colored) could be fecal matter. Also search for bits of skin or eggshells, and make sure nothing smells funky (an odor could be caused by the scent glands on a bed bug). After you check the mattress and sheets, look at the box springs and even the frame of the bed itself. You’ll also need to check other household items, since bed bugs love to hide out in all sorts of places—this includes carpets, books, telephones and outlets. Lastly, check your family for bites, especially areas that are exposed during sleep.

If you suspect that you do have a bed bug problem, don’t delay. Call Excellence Pest Control, your go-to bed bug control service in Bartlesville, OK, today. We’ll help you nip your pest infestation in the bud!

The Challenges of Bed Bug Control in Bartlesville, OK

There is a reason why bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK is not a do-it-yourself project. Bed bugs are difficult parasites to exterminate, and in some businesses, they can be damaging to your reputation. With awareness and a telephone number of a good exterminator, you can take control of this problem quickly. Here are the challenges that make bed bug infestation a time to call in the professionals:

D & Q Pest Control, Inc. is available for bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK and more. Call us today to get an estimate and eliminate your parasite problem.

Tips and Resources for Bed Bug Control in Bartlesville, OK

Of all the pests that might find their way into your home, there’s perhaps none more downright annoying than bed bugs. Not only do bed bugs make your living space marginally more uncomfortable once they’ve made their home there, they’re also tremendously hard to get rid of once they’re there.

Bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK is a three step process that must be undertaken with swiftness, thoroughness and care:

While it might be hard to deal with bed bugs in their entirety, it’s not impossible. Take a look at a few tips you can rely on at each stage of the process.

Identifying the problem

Bed bugs are super-small and very hard to spot outright. Moreover, they’re nocturnal, which means you’re likely not going to see them, since they’ll be feasting while you’re sleeping! As a result, you’re going to be more apt to find signs of an infestation, rather than the bed bugs themselves:

Keep an eye out for these things when you’re making the bed or washing your sheets. Occasionally, you might also find a dead bed bug in your sheets or on the floor—if you see one, it’s guaranteed that there are even more that are hiding!

Eliminating bed bugs

Once you have bed bugs, getting rid of them is going to be a trial. Bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK isn’t going to be as easy as fumigating a room or washing your sheets—these buggers are resilient! The best thing to do is hire a professional. In addition to treatment services, they can also give you tips on how to eradicate bed bugs, which might include:

Steam cleaning your mattress and dry cleaning your bed sheets. High heat cleanings will eradicate any lingering bed bug eggs.
Have your carpets professionally steamed. Again, this is going to eradicate any lingering bed bugs or eggs.
Take your pets to the vet to have them combed for bed bugs.

Using chemical solutions and a variety of techniques, a professional will be able to hunt down nesting bed bugs and completely remove them from your living space.

Preventing future infestations

The final stage of bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK is to prevent any bed bugs from setting up shop in your home again after you’ve gone through the trouble of getting rid of them! Take a look at some of the things a professional may recommend you do to prevent future issues:

Staying one step ahead of bed bugs is the best way to deal with them. That, and having a seasoned professional like D & Q Pest Control, Inc. on your side!