Did Bed Bugs Come Home for the Holidays? Tips for Bed Bug Control in Bartlesville, OK

You took an amazing trip for the holidays. You had a great time. You and your family returned home… and the bed bugs came with you. If these critters came home with you after your holiday trip, you need effective bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK.

Fortunately, this is available through professional pest removal services. Properly trained technicians can rid your home of bed bugs and get your year off to a better start. Here’s how.


A trained technician uses proper techniques to complete a detailed inspection of your home. Despite their name, bed bugs can be found in many other places. They feed on humans, so anyplace you spend a lot of time is a prime target for bed bugs. Furniture and linens should all be inspected for bed bugs.


If the technician determines you need bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK, the next step is to remove visible bed bugs and treat all affected areas. This precision process will eliminate hidden bugs and their eggs as well. Since bed bugs can live for up to a year, this thorough process is essential to eradicate the bed bugs from your home. Without professional assistance, this is difficult to accomplish.


Of course, you don’t want a resurgence of bed bugs in the future. Your local provider of bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK can provide a guarantee as well as schedule regular service to prevent future infestations.

Additionally, when you travel, take the following steps to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you:

  • Check reviews: Before booking your stay in a hotel, check travel reviews. Look for any mention of bed bugs in guest feedback or other reviews. Avoid any hotel where they are mentioned.
  • Check the room: When you arrive at your destination, you’re probably not thinking about bed bugs. However, try to make it a habit to check the bed frame, headboard and mattress for any signs of bed bugs. Look for the bugs themselves and for little brown spots that indicate they’ve been there. This search is well worth the time and effort if it prevents a bed bug infestation that could follow you home.
  • Check your clothing: If possible, don’t store clothing in hotel dressers. Hang anything that can be hung. If you need to use drawer storage, inspect the furniture first before you unpack.
  • Check your luggage: Keep suitcases on the luggage rack rather than on the floor or bed. This offers a safer spot to avoid bed bugs. When you arrive home, if you suspect you’ve brought bed bugs with you, unpack your suitcase outside the home. Disinfect it by sealing it in a garbage bag with no-pest strips for two weeks.

Put Your Pest Problems to Bed

If you need bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK, contact the experts at Excellence Pest Control. We will complete a thorough inspection, elimination and prevention process to rid your home of these nasty invaders. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.