The Challenges of Bed Bug Control in Bartlesville, OK

There is a reason why bed bug control in Bartlesville, OK is not a do-it-yourself project. Bed bugs are difficult parasites to exterminate, and in some businesses, they can be damaging to your reputation. With awareness and a telephone number of a good exterminator, you can take control of this problem quickly. Here are the challenges that make bed bug infestation a time to call in the professionals:

  • They can show up anywhere: Bed bugs are common. They are prevalent in places with high turnover rates, like hotels, offices and dormitories. However, they are also becoming more common in apartment buildings, single-family homes and hotels. Even trains, ambulances and movie theaters are not immune, and people can bring them home just by visiting the wrong venue. The media hype typically surrounding bed bugs arises from the fact that they often feel like an epidemic.
  • They are difficult to find: Bed bugs show up wherever there are people and pets. They feed off both and are attracted to body heat. Since they are small, wingless and nocturnal, it is difficult to know you have them until you start getting skin irritations. They can hide anywhere, although they prefer mattresses, box springs and other areas around your bed. When an infestation is suspected, exterminators have to go through everything, even wall surfaces and carpet. Bed bugs are never picky about where they live in your home, as long as they are close to you and your animals.
  • Bed bugs are mobile: Infestations occur after visiting a locale where bed bugs live. They attach to clothing and luggage, so if you read a Google review about a hotel having a bed bug issue, do not risk it. Change your reservations and stay somewhere else. If you learn that you were exposed to bed bugs, pay attention to your surroundings so you catch them early and call for help.
  • The parasites destroy reputations: There is no relationship between sanitation and bed bugs. Cluttered homes may make it more difficult to exterminate them, but they are not a cause of bed bugs. Unfortunately, public perception is the opposite, and businesses with infestations often suffer serious losses. The desire to stop the bed bug invasion becomes very strong because of the negative impressions surrounding it. When called to a bed bug problem, we often discover our clients are stressed and emotional about the circumstances.
  • They cannot be completely prevented: Since your home or business can attract bed bugs through no fault of your own, your best course of action is to recognize them before they spread. Know the early signs of an infestation—be aware of tar or rust-colored stains on bedding and furniture. If you see cast skins (the empty shells they shed) on bedding or other surfaces, call an exterminator immediately. You want to act soon, because they will spread by attaching to other people, infesting their living and business areas, too.

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