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Spider Removal in Bartlesville, OK

When you need fast-working and safe spider removal in Bartlesville, OK, you can count on a pest control company like Excellence Pest Control. Here is a comprehensive list of all spider breeds we can assist you with:

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  • Arrow-shaped micrathena
  • White banded crab
  • Common house
  • Bold jumper
  • Nursery web
  • Zebra jumper
  • False black widow
  • Broad-faced sac
  • Black and yellow garden
  • Ant mimic
  • Dark fishing
  • Woodlouse hunter
  • Carolina wolf
  • Brown widow
  • Orchard or weaver
  • Goldenrod crab
  • Spotted or weaver
  • Green lynx
  • Long bodied cellar
  • Tan jumping
  • Spitting
  • Barn funnel weaver
  • Grass spider
  • Banded garden
  • Long Legged sac
  • Six-spotted fishing
  • Easter parson
  • Southern house
  • Southern black widow
  • Gray wall jumper

Stay Safe from Spiders

There are hundreds of species of spiders, most of which are harmless and less than an inch big. Unfortunately, some spiders can also be dangerous. Spider bites are usually the result of defensive or accidental contact with humans. The major concern with a spider bite is the venom that is injected into the victim. While most spiders don’t pose a great health risk, a spider bite can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable and can irritate your skin.

You rely on our expert pest extermination to treat your home or business in a safe and professional manner. Count on us to use products that are safer, offer suggestions on how to ease your spider problems, and use thorough treatments related to your individual situation. We can apply the latest liquid treatment and do interior and exterior work.

If you are in need of affordable and dependable spider removal in Bartlesville, Dewey, Okesa, Nowata, or Ochelata, OK, please call Excellence Pest Control at (918) 336-8468, or visit our Contact Us page.