Prevent Rodents from Ruining Your New Year with Pest Control in Bartlesville, OK

What did Santa leave under your tree? Unless you were stuck with a lump of coal, you likely want to protect your new goodies from invading pests. As you finish up your holiday festivities, you probably have a lot of food in your garbage and stray fruitcake crumbs in your furniture. To keep pests at bay, use the following tips for pest control in Bartlesville, OK.

Protect Your Garbage from Pests

During the holidays, your trash cans may be extra appealing to animals. The scraps from your Christmas ham and the many New Year’s treats are very enticing to critters on the hunt for free garbage. Don’t start the new year off by getting animals in the habit of searching your driveway for goodies. Use these tips to keep them away from your trash cans:

  • Double up: This solution isn’t just for carrying heavy groceries. Double bag your garbage to prevent the scent from escaping. If they can’t smell it, they won’t search it out.
  • Spray it: Spray Windex or other ammonia products on your garbage bags. This scent deters animals and will keep them from tearing into your trash bags.
  • Mothball it: Spread mothballs around the exterior of your trashcan. Raccoons hate this scent.
  • Tie it: Tie down your garbage can lid with a bungee cord. If you make it too hard to access your garbage, animals will move on to easier options.
  • Light it: Where do you store your garbage cans? Are they near light? Consider setting up a motion sensor light to scare away night critters that try to approach.

Keep Your House Clean of Critters

All the extra food, guests and parties can leave your home set up as a smorgasbord for hungry critters. To avoid attracting pests, use the following tips for pest control in Bartlesville, OK:

  • Store it: Be sure all containers and bags are properly sealed. Open boxes of cookies or bags of chips send tempting aromas to insects. Use sealed containers and clips to keep food fresh and safe.
  • Clean it: No one wants to start their year with spring cleaning, but it might be a good idea. As you pack away all the decorations, undertake a thorough cleaning of your home. Ensure no crumbs are left behind from holiday parties. The scent of cleaner will be much less appealing to pests than the smell of sugar.
  • Clear it: As your gifts add to your collection of stuff, don’t let it pile up. Clutter is prime territory for pests. It might be a good time to take inventory of your home and donate, throw away or otherwise clear out any clutter that accumulated in the past year.

Call the Pros

Sometimes, even the best home remedies for pest control in Bartlesville, OK are not enough. For reliable results to rid your home of pests, contact the experts. The professional technicians at Excellence Pest Control are equipped with industry-leading tools and techniques to ensure your home is pest-free for the new year. Reach out to our team today!