How to Prevent or Eliminate a Bed Bug or Spider Infestation in Your Home

Even though you keep a clean and tidy home, tiny pests can still make their way inside. This is because their small, pliable bodies allow them to squeeze through cracks and easily hide while hitching rides on anyone who enters. Did you see one spider chilling on the kitchen windowsill? Or maybe you flicked a couple dark colored dots off your sheets? You may not think twice about seeing a few critters, but it’s incredibly important to be aware of insects in your home to prevent a full-on infestation from happening.

No matter the season, without a doubt, you don’t want creepy crawlers invading your home. With this in mind, let’s take a look at ways to avoid the need for professional bed bug or spider removal in Bartlesville, OK

Prevent spiders

  • One of the best spider prevention methods is to clean up your house—not just dust and vacuum, but make sure to clear those spider webs from ceiling corners and under sinks and cabinets. Clearing webs and possible eggs sacs means spiders are less likely to return to the area.
  • Cover up those gaps! From busted window weather stripping to cracks in the floorboards, even the smallest gap leading to the interior of your house is an open invitation to spiders. So, fix seals, plaster up holes and fill spaces between floorboards.
  • The smell of cedar is appalling to a variety of insects, including many types of spiders. Invest in cedar furniture or place cedar wood pieces around spots where spiders might enter.
  • If you have an obvious spider infestation or you notice some scary looking ones in your home, then you may need to call a pest control company for spider removal in Bartlesville, OK—especially since they could be poisonous.

Prevent bed bugs

  • Not only are bed bugs found on mattresses and linens, but they can also be on your couch, purse or work bag, and they have started showing up in schools, theaters, airplanes and hospitals.
  • Avoid the urge to bring home furniture you find for free on the side of the road—including sofas, recliners, mattresses and box springs. If they didn’t have bed bugs before, they could have them after sitting outdoors for a time.
  • Set a house rule that bags, purses and backpacks are not to be placed on any surfaces where people sit or sleep.
  • De-cluttering your home is a great way to deter all sorts of pests, including bed bugs. A clean space is discouraging, and there will be fewer places for bugs to hide and breed.
  • Should you locate bed bugs, or if you think you may have come into contact with these pests, take action immediately. Wash all infested bedding, clothing and other fabrics in the hottest water possible to kill bed bugs. Things like shoes, throw pillows and objects that are not washer safe may be heated in the dryer at an approved temperature to fry any remaining bugs. Alternatively, if you cannot wash items right away, seal them tightly in a plastic bag and set it outside.

For your health and sanity, contact the team at D & Q Pest Control, Inc. for professional bed bug and spider removal in Bartlesville, OK.