Leave Wasp Removal in Bartlesville, OK to Us!

As temperatures start cooling, wasps become more aggressive. While there are many ways to handle wasp removal on your own, it is likely best to hire an exterminator to do the job. It is the only way to remove wasps safely and effectively. Here is why you should call us for wasp removal in Bartlesville, OK, rather than trying out the latest home and garden product:

  • Allergies: If there is a confirmed wasp allergy in your household, do not risk making this a do-it-yourself project. By unsettling the nest but failing to kill all its residents, you risk people getting stung in the future. That is a bad development if the wasps choose the family member with the allergy. Those who work as exterminators have either confirmed they do not have allergies, or at least come well protected just in case. You may not be able to guarantee the same.
  • Safety: Killing wasps can go horribly wrong. You may use the wrong product. There is also a chance that you spray yourself in the eyes instead of spraying the nest. The wasps may become unsettled and try to sting you. Exterminators arrive prepared for the dangers and are skilled using their chemicals and tools. It is safest to stay indoors while the professionals do the dirty work for you.
  • Multiple nests: Homeowners may have not just a wasp nest, but an entire wasp village. If there are multiple nests, you can easily get attacked by one colony while eliminating another. When you notice more than one nest, that is definitely a sign to avoid taking this on by yourself. Call an exterminator to deal with the entire problem.
  • Expensive trial and error: If you buy a spray from the garden store and it does not work, that is money you do not have anymore. When you make a failed try, the wasps will be ready for subsequent attacks, so falling short could put you in danger. Allowing an exterminator to handle this helps get it done right the first time.
  • Chemical exposure: While you may not suffer wasp allergies, chemical sensitivities can also make you sick. It is doubtful that you will buy a gas mask or full body suit to kill one nest, so you will be exposed to the chemicals. Some exterminators use environmentally friendly techniques that are safe for other living things, and those are not always available on the consumer market. Even if that is not an option, exterminators contain the chemicals so it is easier to stay away from them and keep your pets from ingesting them, too.
  • Follow-up available: Wasps are persistent. Even if you kill a nest, the queen may survive and build another one somewhere else. There is also a chance of another colony rebuilding in the nest you believed was just destroyed. With follow-ups, you are given greater assurance that the wasps are truly gone. That allows you to enjoy your yard more and relax knowing that people are less likely to be stung.

To arrange for wasp removal in Bartlesville, OK, call the experts at D & Q Pest Control, Inc. today.