Your Home is the Perfect Haven for Rodents This Winter

When the weather is cold and the ground is covered in snow, there’s no better way to warm up than to stay indoors. Unfortunately, rodents have the same thought process as people do when the cold weather rolls in. If you’re not careful, rodents can settle down into your warm house and have easy access to your food. Not only can these rodents feast upon your snacks, but they might also damage your home and even spread serious diseases. Knowing what attracts them and whether your home is infested is the first step to effective rodent removal in Bartlesville, OK.

How rodents enter your home

A rat or mouse can fit through the smallest openings on their quest to get out of the cold. A full-size rat can fit through an opening the size of a quarter, while a mouse is able to easily slip through a hole smaller than a dime! Those cracks and crevices in the walls or foundation are the perfect entryway. Not to mention they can also enter through an open window, a poorly sealed chimney or even underneath your front door!

How to tell if your home is infested

Most homeowners never realize they have a problem until they actually see droppings, teeth marks on furniture or damaged food packaging—and some don’t notice anything until they actually catch sight of a rat or mouse. The best way to tell if you have any unwanted critters is to watch out for any signs of nesting in dark and warm areas, such as in kitchen cabinets. Pay special attention to any squeaks or other sounds coming from the walls in the middle of the night, as well.

Preventative steps to keep pests out

Follow these steps before the weather drops below freezing to prevent rodents from entering your home this winter:

  • Trim any branches that hang over the roof of your home
  • Never plant trees or bushes within a foot of the house
  • Keep the inside of your home free of any debris and remove any potential hiding places
  • Store all food, especially pet food and garbage, in airtight containers
  • Never leave dirty dishes out in the sink overnight
  • Seal any cracks between the windows and their frame
  • Replace the weather stripping on the bottom of your front and back door annually

Removing rodents from your home

Unfortunately, these steps won’t be much help if the mice and rats have already found a warm bed in your home. If that seems to be the case, then it’s best to call a professional for rodent removal in Bartlesville, OK to eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently. An experienced exterminator will know the best ways to remove the rodents before examining your home to find any vulnerable points where they may have entered.

After the initial service, it’s best to schedule a regular appointment to ensure your home is continuously safe from any rodent intruders. Call Excellence Pest Control today to learn more about rodent removal in Bartlesville, OK, and to schedule a visit.