The Dangers of Brown Recluses Entering Your Home This Winter

A variety of bugs and pests are likely making their way into your home as the temperatures drop. While most of these critters aren’t much more than a nuisance, others can be incredibly dangerous—particularly brown recluse spiders. These shy but deadly critters are as eager as you are to stay warm and dry all winter. It’s important that you know the signs that this venomous spider has moved in to your space. Oftentimes this spider will move into a home in search of a place to hide until the weather improves. Usually, they’ll stay in a cluttered closet or a dark corner of the garage. But this houseguest could lead to a deadly outcome if it were to bite when discovered or threatened.

To help you better understand exactly what you’re dealing with, here’s a brief overview of the brown recluse, and a look at why spider removal in Bartlesville, OK is so important.

Detecting a brown recluse problem

Much like its name suggests, the brown recluse is actually a very shy animal. Typically, they prefer to hide in attics, basements or other spaces where things can stay completely undisturbed for long periods of time. They love old boxes full of paper files or forgotten clothing. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they have a brown recluse infestation until they encounter them firsthand while slipping on an old jacket or moving a box that has a spider hiding inside of it! The spider will then likely bite in self-defense.

Is this spider dangerous?

A brown recluse bite can be incredibly dangerous. It’s crucial that you take a moment to check your shoes, bedding and any clothing items where a spider could be hiding each time they’re used to avoid a bite. When it bites, the spider injects a substance called hemotoxin, which produces a black blister that will fall off within 24 hours. You’ll then be left with an open wound that can take up to eight weeks to heal. The site of the bite will then be covered in a permanent scar.

If you or a loved one is bitten, it’s important that you wash the site of the spider bite immediately before applying a cold compress and a general antibiotic to minimize the risk of infection. Visit your doctor as soon as possible to prevent any additional side effects, which can include rash, vomiting, fever, coma or even death.

How can they safely be removed?

Brown recluses aren’t as easy to remove from your home as ants or rats, because they are immune to most traditional bug sprays. Luckily, an expert in spider removal in Bartlesville, OK will know the proper steps to get the spiders out of your home. Once the initial problem is eliminated, it’s easy to prevent future infestations by scheduling preventative services with your exterminator. You’ll no longer have to worry about accidentally stumbling upon a brown recluse in the safety of your own home.

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