The Four Most Common Fall Pests That May Require Pest Control Services in Bartlesville, OK

Ah, fall is in the air—it’s crisp outside, the leaves are falling and those summertime bugs have disappeared. But that could just mean that this season’s bugs have moved indoors to keep warm. In fact, fall is prime time for an increase in insect and pest problems for both homeowners and commercial property owners. Once inside your home, a few pests can quickly turn into an out of control infestation leading to costly property damage and a big headache.

Don’t let a pest infestation ruin your week—seek a pest inspection immediately. With this in mind, here are four of the most common fall pests that may require professional pest control services in Bartlesville, OK.

Bed bugs

Of all the possible fall insect infestations, bed bugs are considered one of the worse. These tiny crawlers are hard to control once they’ve multiplied, and what’s even more irritating is that they are known to hitchhike their way into your home on a number of things from many different places. They come back home with you from workplaces, schools, hotels and movie theaters on bags, luggage, clothing and even your shoes.

Because bed bugs secrete an anesthetic when they bite, you may not even know you’ve been bitten until you notice a cluster of itchy welts on your body after you wake up. Bed bugs can spread disease, so call a pest exterminator immediately and consider visiting a doctor about the bites.


Cockroaches are another common and dangerous pest you may run into during the fall months. They will bite, they smell and they’re said to carry more than 30 kinds of bacteria that are responsible for causing respiratory problems. And although cockroaches favor dark, damp places, they prefer living in such conditions inside your home instead of outside in direct contact with the elements. Seal up house cracks and repair pipe leaks in your plumbing to prevent a cockroach infestation.


Ants are annoying, to say the least, and there’s rarely just one or two—instead, your countertop is likely to be covered in moving black dots and a thick dark trail leading from a crack in the window frame. After all, they too want out of the chilly fall weather! Collecting food for the nest is another reason for an ant invasion. To avoid ants taking over your home, make sure to seal leftovers in airtight containers, keep the inside and outside of your home clean, seal up cracks in the foundation and replace worn window weather stripping.

Rodents and small mammals

Rats, mice and even squirrels may seek shelter from the cold and rain up in your home’s attic and in crawlspaces. They tear through attic insulation and will rip up your fabric and paper items to make a cozy nest, not to mention raiding your pantry for food. Since diseases from rodent mites, ticks, fleas and lice are a health concern—and because these animals reproduce quickly—contact a local pest control company as soon as you suspect an infestation.

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