How Can Our Pest Control Services in Bartlesville, OK Fix Your Cricket and Spider Problem?

If you’ve ever heard the non-stop “chirp, chirp, chirp” that crickets make at night, you know how frustrating it can be. The chirping noise male crickets make might attract females, but it hinders your ability to get a good night’s sleep. And while chirping crickets are annoying, creepy crawly spiders are much worse and can even be dangerous. The ever-present threat of a spider bite can scare even the toughest person. The only way to get rid of these creatures and prevent them from disrupting your sleep and peace of mind is to hire pest control services in Bartlesville, OK.

Our cricket and spider treatments

There are about four species of crickets, all of which are a nuisance. Not only do all of the male crickets chirp at night, they also have a nasty tendency to chew up your clothing, drapes and even wallpaper. To prevent crickets from ruining your belongings and disrupting your sleep, you’ll have to contact pest control services in Bartlesville, OK.

The most effective way to combat a cricket infestation is through location spraying. Our professionals know that crickets like to live in cool, damp areas, like a basement. We can track down where the majority of your cricket population is coming from and either a) set up a trap to kill them or b) spray chemicals around the area to prevent them from gathering there again.

The four species of crickets pale in comparison to the hundreds of different species of spiders. Obviously, not all spiders live in Oklahoma, but we still have our fair share of varieties. Some, like the common house spider, are harmless; however, the brown widow spider can inflict a pretty painful bite. It’s necessary to call for pest control if you notice an unusual number of spiders in your home.

Much like with crickets, location spraying can be very effective in ridding your property of a spider infestation. Spiders like to hide anywhere they’re safe from the threat of predators. It’s important to keep your house clutter-free to reduce the risk of developing a spider problem. Since they can be found anywhere in your home, our professionals will treat the exterior of your home where the spiders are likely coming from. We’ll also treat the inside of your home where spiders can get in, such as by windows and doors.

Preventative services

The best way to treat a cricket or spider infestation is to make sure it never happens to begin with. Our professionals can spray chemicals around the exterior of your home to create an insect-proof barrier, which will protect your home from crickets and spiders for some time. Some folks may be concerned that our chemicals are toxic, but fear not—the only creatures that will be affected by our non-toxic chemicals are bugs. Your pets and children are perfectly safe.

Remember, not all crickets are as helpful as Jiminy Cricket, and not all spiders are as friendly as the Itsy Bitsy Spider. To rid your home of all the crickets, spiders and other insects, contact D & Q Pest Control, Inc. today for pest control services in Bartlesville, OK.