Termite Control in Bartlesville, OK: What You Need to Know

When most homeowners discover they have a termite infestation, they assume the worst. Termites are known to cause major damage to homes that’s extremely costly to resolve—not to mention the cost that comes with eliminating the termites as well! Fortunately, however, if you’re able to identify and resolve a termite infestation quick enough, with the help of a trained professional, you can actively minimize the damage and cost to your home.

Do I always need professional help?

There are store-marketed termite solutions and treatments, but the real truth is that in order to truly eradicate any termites in your home, you’re going to need the helping hand of a professional. Termite control in Bartlesville, OK requires a comprehensive approach, specialized resources and an understanding of how these critters behave—off-the-shelf treatment products aren’t going to cut it.

How is a termite infestation treated?

There are really two ways to treat termite infestations: liquid chemicals and baits. Liquid termite repellents are generally applied around the base of your home (in the soil), to deter any termites from entering your home from the outside. This will work to immediately stem the traffic of these pests, while further preventing future intrusions.

Baiting termites usually involves treating wood or some other digestible material with a slow acting agent that will eventually kill the termite. A termite comes into contact with this substance, eats, and returns to the colony, where it will come into contact with other termites and begin to excrete waste—both instances serving to pass along the slow-acting poison. Soon enough, termites will begin dropping off!

Does my entire home need to be treated?

Chances are, yes. When considering termite control in Bartlesville, OK, it’s important to remember that termite colonies are often huge, encompassing thousands and thousands of individual bugs. Even if you can only see damage in one area of your home, you’re going to want to get the entire premises treated to ensure you’re not missing any areas of concern.

How effective is termite control?

This depends on the size of the infestation you’re dealing with! On average, proper termite control will eradicate all of the pests and can protect your home for up to five years, wherein you can have it treated again for lasting protection. However, the larger your home and the larger the original infestation, the greater the chance that termites will find a way back into your home. This is why it’s important to schedule follow up services to your original treatments—a pest control professional will be able to spot signs of repopulation and can nip it in the bud right away, to save you the frustration of an ongoing problem.

At the end of the day, termites are still going to be a major concern if they’re discovered in your home, but they can be managed appropriately and the damaged minimized if you’re quick to act. Contact a professional at D & Q Pest Control, Inc. right away if you’re in need of termite control in Bartlesville, OK.