Termites Cause Foundation Damage and Require Pest Control Services in Bartlesville, OK

Among the many aspects of home care that a homeowner has to consider is pest control. Insects and rodents can wreak havoc on the very foundation of your house and do extensive damage if left unchecked. Termites are especially notorious for their affinity for wood and other building materials. When termites make a meal out of your home, they can cause serious issues that require costly repairs and reconstruction to remedy.

While the most common issues associated with termites involve damage to wooden beams and studs, they can also cause extensive damage to your home’s foundation. Even if your foundation is made of concrete, you still have to be mindful of termites in your home. Although termites don’t eat concrete, they can still cause issues that compromise its structural integrity and lead to a degradation of your home’s foundation, necessitating a call for pest control services in Bartlesville, OK.

Damaged foundation from termites

Your home’s support beams, drywall, plywood and wallpaper are important to the structural integrity of your home, but they also make an appetizing meal for insects such as termites. While termites won’t eat your home’s concrete foundation, they can still cause damage to it. Cracks and porous areas in your foundation create an entry point for termites to infiltrate. Once they make their way into your concrete foundation, they begin making themselves at home by creating their very own insect domicile.

Concrete block foundations are much easier for termites to infiltrate than poured concrete foundations. This is partially due to the fact that mortar tends to provide more cracks and access points for termites. Over time, termites can begin burrowing into mortar and concrete to create mud tunnels. After continuous use over a long period of time, they can widen these tunnels, causing structural weaknesses. These problems with the concrete or mortar itself are a concern, but they are certainly not as prevalent as the issues that arise with wooden foundation components. Concrete foundations often incorporate some form of wooden support beams, and some foundations, like pier and beam foundations, are even more susceptible to damage.

Taking care of a termite problem before you start to see signs of damage is the best way to prevent extensive deterioration to your home’s structure and foundation. Even if you only see one or two termites wandering around, an entire colony could be hiding unseen in your home’s foundation. If you’re concerned about termites, make sure to call for pest control services in Bartlesville, OK right away.

Seek reliable pest control services in Bartlesville, OK

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