Prevent Flea Infestations with Pest Control in Bartlesville, OK

Anyone with a pet that’s been affected by fleas or who has ever had a flea infestation in their home knows how annoying they can be. Any type of infestation is unpleasant on its own, but it’s especially bad if the pests sting or bite—like fleas do. Nowhere is safe from fleas when you have an infestation in your home. Avoid having to deal with an infestation this spring by doing some of the following things, or by calling us for pest control in Bartlesville, OK:

  • Trim your grass: Fleas obviously have to come from somewhere before they get into your home. They’re most commonly picked up by your animals when they’re outside in your yard. Fleas tend to live in tall grass and jump up onto your pet. You can help ensure that doesn’t happen by keeping your grass cut short this summer. Short grass obviously gets more direct sunlight than tall grass. Fleas can’t handle too much direct sunlight and will die if it gets too hot.
  • Check your pets: As mentioned above, fleas usually get into your home by hitching a ride on your pet’s fur. Although fleas are extremely tiny, you’ll be able to spot them if you know what to look f The first sign that your pet could have a flea issue is if they’re scratching or biting their skin. If you notice abnormal scratching, look through your pet’s fur. You’ll spot dark brown fleas when they move away from your hands as you sift through your pet’s fur. Flea collars can do wonders to prevent fleas from getting onto your pets, and thus prevent infestations in your home.
  • Shampoo your pets: If your pet has fleas, be sure to give them a good bath with flea shampoo, and comb their fur with a flea comb. It’s good practice to shampoo your pets on a regular basis, anyway. They’ll smell better, and the chance that they’ll get fleas is relatively low with a weekly bath. Timing is everything when it comes to fleas. The sooner you can get fleas off your pets, the less likely it is that you’ll have a full-blown infestation on your hands.
  • Wash your bedding: Fleas love to get into warm and dark areas, and your bedding is the perfect nesting spot for them. Wash all of your sheets and blankets after you’ve shampooed your pet. The hot water from the washing machine and the hot air of the dryer are sure to take care of any that were on your sheets and ensure an infestation doesn’t take place.
  • Give us a call: Let’s hope you were able to nip the fleas in the bud before an actual infestation took place—but if not, Excellence Pest Control is here to help. We’ll spray all areas of your home and lawn with powerful (but pet- and child-friendly) insecticide to ensure no fleas will be able to survive or get back inside. Our pest control in Bartlesville, OK is second to none when it comes to removing and preventing issues with all sorts of critters.

Call Excellence Pest Control today if your home happens to fall victim to a flea infestation this summer. We provide free estimates for all emergency extermination services!