Hire Exterminators in Bartlesville, OK to Prevent an Ant Infestation

Summer is near, and ants across the nation couldn’t be happier. They’re coming out of their winter slumber and are ready to get inside your home to seek shelter and feast on all of your delicious food. The key to preventing a full-blown infestation is to call exterminators in Bartlesville, OK before it’s too late. Give our professionals a call ASAP if you notice either of the following signs:

  • You see ants inside: Even though ants are small, they can be easy to spot inside your home—especially if they’re crawling across your kitchen counter, or if they’re hanging out in your pantry. Ants don’t live alone; if you see one, there are bound to be more lurking around somewhere. It’s not a bad idea to give us a call for extermination as soon as you see more than one ant in your home.
  • You see ants outside: Ants inside your home are obviously a problem. But it’s also an issue if you spot any ants outside of your home. Any ants living in a nest near your home aren’t going to be content staying outside for too long. Sooner or later, they’ll be trying to get inside by any means possible. Don’t just sweep away an ant nest if you spot one, as the ants will just rebuild it in a matter of days. Give an exterminator a call as soon as you notice a nest outside. Our professionals will spray insecticide to get rid of the problem once and for all.

It’s also good to keep in mind that it’s possible to reduce the likelihood of an infestation by taking some preventative steps. Here are some measures you can employ to prevent an ant problem in your home:

  • Sealing any cracks: One of the easiest ways for ants to get in your home is by sneaking in through any cracks in your walls or foundation. Call a handyman to seal anything that you can’t. Hiring someone to perform work around your home can be much cheaper than paying for ant exterminators after the fact. Also, make sure you’re closing doors behind you when you enter or exit the house.
  • Cleaning up after yourself: Ants mainly try to get into your home because they want easy access to food. One of the easiest ways for them to eat is by snacking on any crumbs that fall on the ground, or sipping any spilled beverages. Wiping everything up with a wet paper towel will do wonders to prevent infestations.
  • Calling us ASAP: Full-blown infestations can happen rather quickly. Call us as soon as you notice any signs of ants. Our professionals will take care of the situation quickly and easily with our non-toxic insecticides. We guarantee the quality of our work. Rest assured that you’ll never have to worry about an infestation after you pick up the phone and give us a call!

Time is ticking if you have any ants in your home. The longer you wait to call exterminators in Bartlesville, OK, the worse your infestation will get. At Excellence Pest Control, we’ve dealt with infestations of all sizes, and there’s nothing we can’t handle. Give us a call today for a free extermination estimate!