Ants Are Coming! Learn How to Avoid an Infestation

Regardless of where you are, you’re never too far away from an ant colony. Those little pests are everywhere! Luckily, as long as they stay outside of our homes, it seems like ants and humans can coexist pretty peacefully. The only problem is that those suckers really like being inside with us. They’ll stop at nothing to slip through any cracks in our walls, doors or foundations. What’s worse is that they’re good at getting inside, too! Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to prevent ants from getting inside and wreaking havoc. Continue reading to learn more about ant prevention and signs that it’s time to call a service for ant removal in Bartlesville, OK:

  • Keep your kitchen clean: One of the top reasons why ants try to get inside is to eat food. After all, who doesn’t love a free meal? Make your home unattractive to colonies by ensuring that you don’t have crumbs on the floors or countertops. You also always need to wipe and clean up spills quickly, especially if it was a sticky beverage. Additionally, try not to leave food containers open for long periods of time, as that’ll only further entice your visitors.
  • Block the entrances: Part of what makes ant infestations so hard to control is the fact that they’re so small that they can slip into your home in any number of ways. The majority of the time, when people have an ant problem, it’s because they were able to enter through small cracks in walls and doors. Take a walk around the exterior of your home and try to spot any cracks or holes and fill them with latex caulk. Although you probably won’t be able to stop all ants from entering, that caulk can do wonders to slow them down.
  • Repel them: Home improvement stores sell a variety of substances that are supposed to repel pests, but you probably already have some natural ant repellents in your cupboards. Ants hate and won’t cross lines made of salt, cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, cinnamon and spearmint leaves. Spread any of those along your windowsills and baseboards to keep ants away. They also really hate the smell of lemon. Spray a water and lemon solution around the exterior and interior of your home to make your home seem really unattractive to ants. Plus, the lemony scent will keep your home smelling fresh!
  • Kill them: All-natural remedies can do wonders to prevent an infestation. However, they’re not foolproof methods, and ants can still get inside. If that’s the case, you may have to resort to rubbing them out. The least-messy way to handle the situation is to vacuum them up and empty the vacuum bag outside. Pour boiling water on any ant colonies you find outside to try to kill them, or just give the pros a call. We can swiftly handle any ant infestation, regardless of its size or severity.

If you’ve tried these tips and you still have an infestation, it’s time to bring in the pros. The team at Excellence Pest Control has years of experience with ant removal in Bartlesville, OK, and we’re more than willing to take care of your pest problem. Get in touch today to schedule a visit!