Customers Ask Pest Control in Bartlesville, OK: What Attracts Mosquitoes to Certain People?

When we provide pest control in Bartlesville, OK, customers frequently ask us if mosquitoes like some people better than others. After all, many households have one member who sustains so many mosquito bites they look like they contracted a disease, while the rest of the household is barely bitten. It is true that mosquitoes like some people better than others, and science continues to research why this is. Here are six known factors that attract mosquitoes to certain people:

  • Genetics: Eighty-five percent of the factors listed here can be attributed to your genetics. While some of these traits may be controllable, chances are your best hope is to find a good bug spray and an extermination service. You just may have been born with a propensity to attract mosquitoes and need to take additional precautions.
  • Chemical makeup: Your overall body chemistry may be appealing to mosquitoes. Steroids or cholesterol in your skin is especially favored. You do not need to suffer a high cholesterol level to harbor this condition. If you process cholesterol efficiently, it will build up on your skin more and provide an exciting scent to mosquitoes. The same is true of uric acid, another mosquito attractant.
  • Carbon dioxide: This is likely a favorite with mosquitoes since they can smell it from 50 meters away! Mosquitoes bite adults more than children because they produce more of it. Pregnant women are in the same category. If you are exercising and breathing heavily, that continuous supply of carbon dioxide will get you bitten before long.
  • Movement: In addition to enjoying the increased carbon dioxide production, mosquitoes simply detect movement easier. When you are out running or playing yard games, the insects sense your movement and swarm to you. As an additional attractant, the lactic acid from your sweat glands provide an additional incentive to feast on you!
  • Size: If you are overweight, you are more likely to attract mosquitoes than your slimmer friend. This is linked to the amount of carbon dioxide you produce. Also, if you are out hiking with slimmer people, you will likely sweat more, and that produces additional lactic acid that draws the mosquitoes to you. However, if you are in the company of those with genetic components that attract mosquitoes, the insects will likely swarm to them and hopefully overlook you.
  • Use of bug spray: If everyone in your party bathed themselves in a DEET-based bug spray, while you are an exception, naturally the mosquitoes will move in your direction. The same is true if you use a less effective bug spray; if you decide to use an untested organic brand while everyone else decides to embrace the chemicals, you may emerge from your outing with bites. If you want to provide equal opportunity mosquito protection, arrange for an exterminator to spray your yard and add citronella torches around your porch for extra reassurance. You can also take torches and candles to campsites to control mosquitoes on the go.

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