Protect Your Home from Infestation with Ant Removal in Bartlesville, OK

Spring is here, and the ants have awoken from their slumber. They are seeking warm places to make a nest with access to plenty of food. Your home can be a haven to these ants as they seek shelter from the heat of the sun and the spring rains. To make sure your house isn’t the new victim of an ant infestation, you need to take precautions now to prevent these insects from taking over.

Ant nests in your home

Ants seek food and warm shelter—things your home readily provides. They love the structural materials that your home is made of, and will burrow in the wood to make a nest for themselves. This can cause damage to your home’s structure that will have you quickly calling for ant removal in Bartlesville, OK.

To prevent these creatures from making a lunch out of your home’s building materials, you need to prepare for their arrival. Ants prefer wood that has moisture in it, as it is easier for them to make their way through it, and this makes it imperative that you have your home inspected for any moisture problems. This might be anything from a roof leak to a gutter issue that provides a moist area for ants to penetrate. With ant removal in Bartlesville, OK, you will be able to find out where these ants are getting in and prevent them from doing any further damage to your home.

Avoid ant infestation with these tips

Like your home, a tree or bush that isn’t healthy provides the perfect place for ants to nest, as the branches are usually soft and permeable. When these trees and bushes lean on your home or roof, ants have an access point to get inside. To keep ants from crawling into your home from a nearby tree or bush, keep your landscape neatly trimmed at all times. This will prevent ants from being attracted to your yard and making their way into your home.

Cracks in your foundation also provide an entry point for ants, making ant removal in Bartlesville, OK necessary to get rid of these nasty pests. You will want to inspect your home for any potential areas where ants could find their way in and make sure they are sealed properly to prevent their ability to make contact with the inside of your home.

Also, be careful about storing wood outside. You will want to make sure it is elevated off the ground, so it doesn’t provide a suitable nesting spot for ants to make a home. Ants like wood, and a woodpile is the perfect spot to create a nest, which can inadvertently make its way into your home as you bring the wood inside.

To avoid an infestation of ants in your home, be sure to call for ant removal in Bartlesville, OK and eliminate their presence in your house. Call Excellence Pest Control for all your pest needs. We can get to the source of your pest problems and help remove them from your home quickly and completely.