Six Reasons to Hire Professional Pest Exterminators in Bartlesville, OK

Rats and ants and bed bugs, oh my! Get rid of these nasty critters quick with help from people who deal with pest infestations for a living. Let’s look at six reasons why you might want to hire professional pest exterminators in Bartlesville, OK:

  • Training and experience: Home improvement stores are loaded with pest control options ranging from throwaway traps to chemical sprays, and some counties offer live traps for larger home invaders, like rats and raccoons. But whether you are just not sure what to do or an infestation has grown out of control, hiring someone who is trained in pest eradication may be your best option. An experienced professional can remove pests from your home safely without damaging your property.
  • Pest identification: Let’s say you’ve been hearing a skittering sound in your attic or there’s a new, unpleasant indoor smell that seems to be coming from within the walls. While doing your own inspection for the source is a great start, the fact of the matter is that you are not a pest expert. If your intuition is telling you there may be a bigger problem than what it seems to be, contact your local pest exterminators in Bartlesville, OK to help properly identify and get rid of your specific rodent or insect problem.
  • Chemical and equipment handling: As mentioned above, home improvement stores carry all sorts of pest control sprays and bait. But while these options are good for small-scale pest issues, they may not be suitable for large infestations or for keeping pests away from your home in the future. Professional exterminators own all the necessary tools and know the right methods for the safest, least invasive extermination possible, as they want to avoid putting you and your family in harm’s way with unnecessary toxic chemicals.
  • Save money: Not possessing the knowledge of how to effectively rid your home of critters like termites, bed bugs and mice can lead to overspending on store-bought pest control products. You are also likely to waste chemical solutions or not use enough, which can cause further problems including harm to plants and damage to your home.
  • Save time: Like other home maintenance projects, dealing with rodent or insect infestations can be time consuming and an energy zapper. While knowing how to handle pest control in your home or commercial building is a fantastic skill to have, this first round may not be a good time for the DIY approach. Cancel out the frustration and time it takes by hiring a pest control company that will do all the work, from pest identification to elimination.
  • Gain peace of mind: The quickest way to banish critters from your home or office is to call in reinforcements. A professional’s goal is to eradicate insects and other pests using the least amount of toxic chemicals as possible. This way, you can sleep better knowing your family and pets are not breathing in harsh chemicals—like the over-the-counter stuff you would have used otherwise.

When you are looking to hire certified exterminators in Bartlesville, OK for your home or commercial property’s pest extermination needs, contact the knowledgeable and skilled team at D & Q Pest Control, Inc.